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We integrate premium CMS features into web portals that can allow companies to leverage the basic and advanced features right from the beginning.

Empower Your Brand with Seamless Content Management System: Elevate, Organize, Succeed

H&E Marketing Solutions offers a robust content management system (CMS) for businesses to meet their needs in content publishing, marketing, promotions, and web portals. We have great expertise in developing CMS that cannot only meet basic needs but also meet scalability standards. As we know the needs of the smallest company and the biggest enterprises are almost the same, we integrate premium CMS features into web portals that can allow the companies to leverage the basic and advanced features right from the beginning. We know that the companies’ needs can grow in the future and we keep all the advanced features available for use in the future. We can implement CMS based on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and PHP-based custom CMS, etc. We have years of experience in implementing the best CMS features for businesses in Toronto.


Stability & Robustness

We develop very strong CMS that can be very user-friendly. We provide our clients with a comprehensive list of quality-assurance processes that will guarantee long-term stability of the CMS.

Integration & Extensiveness

The CMS of your choice can easily be integrated with other technology such as email platform, CRM, mobile applications, etc. The CMS is fully capable of extending its functionalities for most common platforms.

Performance & Scalability

We design CMS that provides greater performance and scalability: two critical factors of a sturdy web portal. Our CMS offers multiple levels of caching and each level can be fully customizable by our clients.

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User-Friendly CMS Solution

Our content management system surpasses expectations by offering unparalleled design and feature flexibility. The CMS technology empowers us to seamlessly execute our digital marketing strategies, providing the adaptability needed to achieve optimal results. Being open-source, it grants us the freedom to tailor features and plugins specifically for our clients, ensuring their complete satisfaction with the outcome.

Simplified SEO Procedures

Our CMS solution features superior SEO capabilities. You also have to consider that SEO “rules” are constantly changing, so what might keep you on top one day will tank your rank the next. Our SEO-friendly CMS uses a framework that is designed with search engine crawlers in mind. Our CMS solution offers several SEO plugins highlighting different aspects of your content with relevant schemas or particular page designs.

Multi-Channel Content Publishing

Streamline your content publishing across various channels, including websites, social media, and email by using our CMS solution. You can also automate content scheduling for timely and efficient distribution within the CMS interface.

Easy To Use

We develop the CMS that should be easy-to-use for content editors and site administrators. We make this “ease of use” a prominent feature of all our CMS solutions. Our CMS solutions are not just easy to use, but also intuitive.

Advanced Security

Our CMS offers seamless advanced security management system that can handle the increasing number of content providers to your website by using features such as content permissions, module permissions and user roles.

Agile Workflow

Our CMS provides a fully customizable workflow process with configurable workflow scopes. Workflow follows versioning to track the records and allows our clients to revert to previous versions of the document at any stage.

Online Marketing Integration

We can easily integrate a whole range of online marketing tools to deliver and optimize real-time customer-centric marketing across multiple channels.

Multisite Support

Our CMS provides complete freedom to businesses for having multiple websites within one CMS. You can also have on-line stores, community websites, blogs, intranets and at least a few microsites to target a narrower audience.

Multilingual Support

You can communicate with your customers, employees, and clients in multiple languages at the same time. Many CMS’s aren’t able to offer multiple languages; however, we develop CMS that provides multilingual support.

Mobile Integration

Our clients can easily access the CMS on their mobile phones as we provide full CMS access and support for mobile devices. Our flexible CMS should be able to hold different mobile websites or applications.

Training Enabled

You can easily conduct CMS training as the more editors or publishers start using the website. We provide a few training sessions that can easily enable our clients use the CMS.

Bugs Free

We develop bugs free CMS as we focus on removing all technical bugs during the development phase. We keep updating the CMS from time to time in a bid to remove all possible bugs in the CMS.

Upgrade & Maintenance

We upgrade and maintain our CMS solutions so our clients can have all new features and technologies in future. Upgradation and maintenance can give a full advantage over your competitors.


Businesses and enterprises publish content on a daily basis. While keeping in mind this fact in our mind, we develop CMS that allows users, and clients to format their text without delving into code. With the help of drag and drop features, our clients can easily design new website pages and use different elements to stylize the content for marketing purposes.

SEO Friendly URLs

We know the importance of SEO for our clients’ businesses. As we provide SEO services to our clients, we know how to develop CMS solutions that can fully support SEO best practices such as SEO friendly URLs, Meta entry for content optimization, etc.