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We offer 24/7 continuous web maintenance support to our clients as we know it is extremely critical for businesses to stay in touch with their customers all the time.

Transforming Websites, Transforming Businesses: Website Maintenance

Website maintenance needs dedicated support and permanent staff to ensure 100% uptime, improved web performance, and display new changes in real-time. Most of the businesses cannot afford to employ permanent staff to maintain their websites. We offer 24/7 continuous web maintenance support to our clients as we know businesses must stay in touch with their customers all the time. We have developed a highly efficient website maintenance system for our clients that features cost-effective solutions for bug-fixing, maintenance, support, website edits, backup, database support, etc. We know that if you hire a full-time web developer to maintain your website, it might increase your budget or simply not be as effective as you need. We make website maintenance quite convenient for you as we provide free consultation, review, and quotes in this regard. We have developed quite flexible website maintenance plans for small business owners and corporate clients. Our website experts ensure that you get utter satisfaction as we complete most of our maintenance tasks timely and professionally. We focus on minute details that can cause serious issues in website performance and functionality. This attribute has made us quite detail-oriented, sincere, reliable, and trustworthy. After serving our clients for more than a decade, we have established an effective communication process that keeps us in contact with our clients over the phone, via e-mail, instant messengers, and support ticketing systems. We provide website maintenance support to all types of website technologies, CMS, platforms, software, etc. We give complete backend and frontend support to our clients. We maintain backup and offer high-quality assurance in backing up your websites, web apps, ecommerce portals, and intranet networks.

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  • Website bugs fixing

  • Technical problems reporting

  • Website edits, revisions, updates

  • Disaster recovery from backup

  • Server files optmization

  • Internal & external audit reports

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, images

  • Online website support
  • Customized & white-label reporting

  • Customized & white-label reporting

  • Search engine indexation

  • Search engine rankings

  • User experience check

  • Broken links and images

  • Duplicate content fixes

  • Website speed optimization
  • Core web vitals fixes

  • Mobile usability index

  • Internal linking problems

  • W3C validation errors

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